The Top Reasons For Using Windows Media Codec

The word codec is acquired from two words – Encode or Decode and a codec is essentially any product that is utilized for encoding and unraveling. In the circle of video there are different measure which exist for video with the most well-known being the Moving Picture Experts Group standard which is all the more generally named MPEG. The MPEG guidelines which are most normal are MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 and they characterize the video and audio standard for Video CD’s or VCD, DVD video and Blu-Ray and HD video separately. While there are different executions and organizations that market programming or equipment for encoding video, when they are utilizing a particular standard they should constantly adhere to the prerequisites of the norm. An illustration of two different organizations that utilization a specific standard would be Microsoft and Apple which market superior quality video encoding programming bundles which product to WMV for Microsoft and MOV for Apple.

Having seen examples of the different standard and the various kinds that might be accessible you are one bit nearer to picking an AVI codec for your encoding or deciphering necessities. However at that point there is something different you really want to realize which is that AVI itself is not a codec yet a compartment design. A compartment design is similarly as the name says a holder, and in video a holder keeps audio and video intact in a solitary file that is played back by a player that you can introduce or comes pre-introduced on your PC. A few people might have had what was happening where they endeavored to play a video file yet could hear audio yet saw no video. This happens on the grounds that the player they are utilizing can open the compartment design yet does not have the codec introduced to decode the video transfer inside the holder however the audio stream is as yet playable.

You will moreover see that AVI is one of the most well-known designs for video and is upheld by different gadgets like versatile gadgets and a few handheld gadgets like PDAs. A famous codec online is DivX which as of now observes the MPEG4 guideline and is in reverse viable allowing for playback of MPEG norms made before MPEG4. Assuming a video is encoded with DivX video and MP3 audio yet DivX is not introduced on the PC then the situation portrayed above where there would be audio yet no video could occur. To address this situation one can download the free DivX codec and introduce it to play their video. Having now addressed codecs and holder designs we see that AVI is a compartment and can have both a video transfer and an audio transfer remembered for it and browse this site for more tips. In view of your requirements in the wake of seeing what the capacities of the different free and paid codecs are, you may then make your own AVI file by essentially teaching your encoding programming to utilize a specific codec for audio and video and afterward send out the finished item to the famous AVI design.

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