The importance of implementing a door access control system in Singapore

In today’s world, there is a high degree of security risk due to the fact that the number of security problems has increased dramatically. The main objective of the unauthorized entry of visitors is the doors of the building, which are open not only for employees, but also for visitors. Unauthorized visitors can easily access the building facilities. In fact, in some cases, your presence in the building may not be authorized for several days. Therefore, it is important to implement a high-tech software system that can track access to the door. An intelligent door access system can solve many door access control problems.

door access control system

Organizations that have implemented this system have won in many ways. Here is a look at the benefits of implementing a door access system singapore:

  • Instantly register the entrance doors, which is important to find out who entered and left the room.
  • Allow access only to those who passed the biometric facial exam.
  • The employee must not use a key or card to verify access
  • Each arrival and departure records accurately, thus eliminating errors in the registration of such data, as well as preventing fraudulent entries and exits.
  • Access to the door is controlled in real time, allowing better control over who can enter and exit.
  • Different types of cameras can be used with the system, such as analog cameras, IP cameras, USB cameras, etc.
  • It has an easy-to-use graphical interface through which those who use it can quickly perform the necessary tasks.
  • Since all tasks can be completed in several steps, it does not take long to train employees to use it to carry out their activities.
  • You can issue a voice alert in case of any failure or discrepancy.
  • It is flexible enough to implement customization functions and also offers multilingual support.
  • Why does your organization need a door access control system?

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