Facebook Location Tracker: How Much Can You Know?

If you have a smartphone, your child has a smartphone too. But you are worried that your child is on Facebook all the time. But there is a silver lining to it. FB also helps track the location, and you can easily know where your kid is and what your kid is doing. In this article, the question of how much location data Facebook collects and how it can be used to deduct information about your child’s activities.

Q 1 – Can Facebook collect location through data?

1 – Through user activity

Facebook lets you check venues or tag venues, and with a post, it knows the street address and type of establishments. If your teen makes a post and chooses it along with someone else whose location Facebook knows, it will know whereabouts by association. If they share where they live or respond to an event invitation, Facebook records it.

2 – Via Location Services

This includes a phone or tablet’s GPS coordinates, as well as Wi-Fi and cellular network locations. With this information, the location is easily known.

3 – Via IP address

An IP or Internet address gives a vague idea of whereabouts; sometimes, it may refer to a postcode. It is a popular belief that Facebook will guess your location using your IP address, even if someone opts out of location tracking, for example, your child.

Q 2 – Does Facebook use location addresses?

So what’s new? Often, advertisers contact Facebook to collect information about users, their preferences, and more. So location on the account helps in creating this profile in a few ways. Location search can help some parents know where their kids are.

Suppose a child has recently visited a store, venue, or event and has given Facebook permission to track their phone. In that case, it can be used to indicate their interest in certain types of places, products, experiences, or entertainment interests. So parents can immediately know where their teen is.

Q 3 – Is location monitoring important?

Parents may find it tempting to do so because parents are all concerned about children, especially those dependent on social media. It’s not like Parent is chasing kids all the time.

Raising teens that are always on Facebook also involves keeping some digital tabs on their activities as it is sometimes important to deter children from the claws of online fraud.

Q 4 -Is location tracking a good idea?

Sometimes parents decide against using location tracking. But it is wise to do so. Some parents may point out that teens should be responsible when the teen is on their own. They can help but will not monitor.

Parents using Facebook location tracking may want to apprehend misbehaving teens to minimize its harm to their children. However, when done collaboratively, location tracking can contribute to teen safety.

Over to you

Caring parents should consider a secure and open-ended tracking arrangement. Contact a provider who can offer an excellent phone tracker.

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