Considering Turning into a Confirmed PTCB Practice Test

The Job of the Technician

Technicians will play various parts relying upon the setting where they will be working. In a retail setting they generally play out the entirety of the accompanying:

  • Help drug specialists in giving drug care
  • Perform undertakings like PC/information section,
  • Prescription arrangement/determination
  • Counting and marking
  • Allude patient inquiries in regards to prescriptions and medication data to the drug specialist
  • Handle stock
  • Bill protection transporters

Technicians in a wellbeing framework pharmacy (such a medical clinic), could likewise be answerable for the accompanying:

  • Inspecting patient outlines
  • Plan and convey meds to nursing stations
  • Perform unit portion bundling
  • Whenever affirmed, they can plan sterile materials like IV anti-infection agents and chemotherapy items.



Before, most of pharmacy technicians were prepared at work subsequent to being recruited. The issue with this is that hands on preparing by its very nature are very manager explicit and typically restricted to the undertakings that business would like you to perform. As a rule, it doesn’t give the fundamental preparation or foundation in regards to pharmacy practice. Formal schooling prerequisites, capability exams and enlistment with a State Leading body of Pharmacy are presently leisurely taking over hands on preparing. Many states in the USA as of now have certification prerequisites to try and be qualified for a technician work. It’s inevitable until an ever increasing number of states embrace regulation requiring all pharmacy technicians to get formal preparation and to become affirmed.

Certification Exam

The Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam (ptcb practice test   ) is an exam directed by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board and is endless supply of the pharmacy technician instructional class. The exam is formally acknowledged by north of 25 individual State Sheets of Pharmacy. The exam comprises of 100 numerous decision questions and should be finished in a 2 hour window. There are three areas of estimated skill:

  • Helping the drug specialist in serving patients – This is the most complete piece of the exam. In remembers material for administering remedies, disseminating meds and gathering/sorting out data. You likewise should check remedies for precision and legitimacy, play out specific counting errands and playing out specific drug estimations. This part of the exam comprises of 66% of the complete exam material.
  • Keeping up with prescription and stock control frameworks – This segment will test you on information on putting in and getting drug requests, putting away medications accurately and other stock related questions. This part of the exam comprises of 22% of the absolute exam material.
  • Information on pharmacy tasks – This part will test your insight on broad pharmacy activities including different work process based questions, keeping up with pharmacy foundations, different lawful endlessly inquiries on administering and PC the board frameworks. This part comprises of 12% of the absolute exam material.

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